Drew Davidson

Associate Professor, University of Kansas EECS

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  • Email: drewdavidson@ku
  • Twitter: @drewdavidsonku


I am a computer scientist broadly focused on security and privacy. I'm currently working on software supply chain security, blockchain technology and security for autonomous systems.


February 2021
An Analysis of First-Party Cookie Exfiltration due to CNAME Redirections, a collaboration between Tongwei Ren & Lorenzo De Carli (WPI) and Alex Wittman & and me (KU) got a runner-up best paper award at MADWeb 2021! Honored by the program committee's decision and grateful for the award (MADWeb 2021 Program).
January 2021
Pleased to announce that our team has advanced to the USDOT Inclusive Design Challenge semifinals. I'm working on the mobile interface and security architecture to help passengers with mild cognitive impairments use cutting-edge autonomous vehicles (DOT Bio).
January 2021
My lab is assisting the KU team on the NSF CIVIC Award, which was recently funded for a Phase I award to help Kansas City leaders figure out how to connect underserved teens to out-of-school activities and opportunities (KU Press).


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